Group Coaching Includes:

  • The 7-week "Do-It-Yourself" program

  • Weekly Review of your exercises via Zoom where you can get your questions answered

  • Offline access via email Q & A

  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Group Coaching is your best option. 

In this group, you'll see other men facing the same challenges as you, sharing different solutions to improve your relationship with your wife and family.

A big part of improving your situation is "Building Your Team"  and Group Coaching is a head start to this exercise.

We become a reflection of what we think, what we focus on, where we spend our time and who we hang out with, so surround yourself with like-minded men who love their wives and want more for their family.

Build your future by "Writing Your Own Story."

Here's What You Get in the
"Group Coaching" Program.

  • Weekly Live Coaching with Trent. 
  • Online access to 7 weekly sessions. 
  • Each session includes:
    • Downloadable PDF materials
    • Weekly Follow-Along Presentation
    • Exercise Worksheets for You to Complete
    • Sample Completed Exercises for Reference
    • Action Steps During the Week
    • Daily Journal to Keep You On Track
    • A Session Recap Before the Next Session.
    • Daily Email Between Sessions to Encourage Follow Through and Help Completing Exercises.

The 7 Sessions Cover:


  1. Where Are you?            Understanding the Grid.
  2. Removing Obstacles.   What is Stopping You?
  3. Your Ideal Marriage.    Designing Your Future.
  4. Writing Your Story.      Getting Your Heart + Mind Right.
  5. Creating Your Plan.     She'll Fall in Love with You Again.
  6. Building Your Team.    Your Critical Connections.
  7. Working Your Plan.      Sustainability.     What's Next?
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