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Here are 3 ways to transform your marriage...

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Praise for The Ultimate Honeymoon Marriage Formula:

This program is simple, insightful and logical. I made progress every week. I like focusing on what I can do to improve versus blaming her for everything. We were able to go from an OK, tolerant marriage to one with more respect, communication and now more connection.

~ Tim

Each session with Trent has action steps I do all week. They help me stay focused and build momentum. It took me a few sessions to get the hang of it but I finally figured out it's about ME, not her. Now, I don’t go to the dark side anymore nearly as much.

~ Frank

To make this work you have to be committed and do the work. If you do it will change what you think and feel and you’ll notice she treats you different. It’s amazing that after 3 session my wife was treating me differently (and better)! Thank you, Trent!

~ Richard


The Ultimate Honeymoon Marriage Formula

Will Help You...


  • Gain more respect by learning to "respond," not "react." 

  • Get absolute clarity about what you want.

  • Remove the obstacles that are stopping you from a deeper connection.

  • Eliminate the frustrations that are causing you stress.

  • Restore the love and compassion you had when you were first dating.

  • Re-direct your focus & actions to serve best interests of you & your family.

  • Create actions that build better thoughts and beliefs.

  • Become an even better husband, friend, and father.

  • Return to the intimacy of your honeymoon.
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