If You Want a Great Life, Create a Great Marriage.

We can talk ourselves into or out of anything so why not "Write Your Own Story™" and get back to the love, friendship, and intimacy of your honeymoon?

Most men are unhappy in their marriage. Research shows that 50% will end in divorce and another 25% are unhappy or just tolerating it because it's easier and cheaper than divorce.  For most men, it's easier to avoid expressing their true feelings and just put them on the shelf. 

But it doesn't have to be that way, and settling isn't an option if you want a better life. You have to take charge of your fate.

There is no reason to experience the pain and frustration of a bad or even average marriage. 

You can change your marriage, I guarantee it.  

If you are ready to change yourself first, or at least willing to look at the possibility, you'll learn how to remove the obstacles that are stopping you, create a vision for your ideal marriage, and break through the behaviors and beliefs that are stopping you. You'll be ready to re-create the feelings and relationship you had on your Honeymoon.

"The Ultimate Honeymoon Marriage Formula™" was built because after 25 years of marriage my wife and I decided to get divorced. We separated, divided our assets, and started moving on with our lives. Two years later, by working through the heartache, resentment, anger, and pain we were able to reconcile and are now having the time of our lives. 

The work, the research, the coaching, and the time investment that I went through are how I want to help you. 

Whether you are headed for divorce, unhappy in your marriage, or just tolerating the current situation because it is easier & cheaper than divorce, if you want to change then I want to help you. 

I learned so much about myself and my family through our struggles. I found that if I wanted a friend I could trust, a partner I could rely on, and the intimacy that comes from feeling free to express myself, "I" needed to create it. I needed to change.

Now I want to help you do the same and lead yourself and your family through your own situation.

If you want to experience what I'm describing before you invest in our program, download "Intimacy Secrets. Going from Roommates to Romance" now to see what's possible.

It's free, and I want you to experience exactly what is required to get back to that honeymoon feeling.

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Meet Trent

Trent is a business owner who has been coaching executives for over twenty years on how to change their behavior and the behavior of their employees.

Adversity is the best teacher and Trent has benefited from going through separation, filing for divorce, and then reconciling with his wife. They have now being married for over 33 years.

He will tell you that pain and suffering have their benefits, which he wants to share with you.

There's a reason so many men and marriages are suffering...  a reason why so many men are unhappy....  a reason why 50% of marriages end in divorce, and another 25% are unhappy.

Trent experienced it all and came out the other side successfully, so he has a different perspective and knows how to fix it.

The Ultimate Honeymoon Marriage is the way out. Trent created the program to help men lead themselves and their families to a happier, more fulfilling life together.

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